For centuries we lived in fear feeling shackled, small, weak. We were taken for granted, undervalued, mistreated, abused, sold, raped, and killed.
For centuries our lives had no value compared to men, our voices were muffled and silenced, we were treated as objects and a means to an end.
Even tho now the times have changed and in most countries, “on paper”, we are considered equal to men, some of the old patterns didn’t change and women still live their lives in fear, feeling unsafe, feeling like they don’t belong, feeling that they have no right to speak or to lead.
Many of us still feel that crippling fear on a daily basis and we can’t really understand why we can’t just get over it, just be confident and follow our hearts desires all the way.
Fear doesn’t only live in our minds.
It is embedded in our energy, in our bodies, in our DNA.
We carry it with us like a curse from lifetime to lifetime.
But this lifetime is different, we are stronger and we are stronger together.
It’s time to lift “the curse”, and transmute old trauma-based fear.
🔥 We will no longer let the past hold us back 🔥
🔥 We will no longer let the past dictate how we live now and shape our future 🔥
🔥 We are taking back our power. We are taking back our destiny and reclaiming our lioness hearts 🔥
🔥 Free, fierce, and fearless goddesses, is how we choose to walk this earth 🔥
Sister, tell me honestly..
Are you done letting fear drive your life and you are you ready to take back the wheel?
Are you ready to own it all?
🔥 Your power,
🔥 Your strength,
🔥 Your soul medicine,
🔥 Your sacred mission,
🔥 Your greatness
Are ready to fucking ROAR???

21 Days to Re-Awaken your Inner Lioness

, With light language transmissions, guided meditations, deep soul enquiries, shifts, remembrance, and activation.

It’s time to do the deep soul work needed for you to reach your next expansion and step into your true destiny!

I invite you to step into a fully channeled journey from the Seven Star Sisters Collective Soul and guided by the Ancient Egyptian Warrior Goddess Sekhmet to transmute your old trauma based fear from this lifetime, past lifetimes and ancestral lineage and activate your Lioness Heart to channel your sacred fearlessness, confidence and inner courage and overcome your self-limitations



The Journey






INTEGRATION & Activating the LIONESS HEART with the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet


This journey is for you if…


  • You have some irrational fear that tends to paralyze you at times
  • You say you want to go after your dreams but you keep putting them off or procrastinating and making excuses
  • You recognize that you carry the witch’s wound and you are afraid of your own power and gifts on a conscious or subconscious level
  • You’ve experienced trauma (emotional, mental or physical) in your childhood or at some point in your life and it keeps coming back.
  • Fear is not letting you live life the way you want
  • You often feel anxious and worried
  • You’ve experienced trauma in your past lives (you remember it or you know that you most likely did)
  • You come from a family lineage that experienced lots of hard times in the past
  • You feel called to heal you ancestral wounds
  • You can feel some deep fear stored in your physical body or energy body
  • You feel called to heal from past lives wounds that you carried with you to this lifetime
  • You are ready for spiritual expansion and to reconnect to your deep soul wisdom, gifts, and medicine but you can’t see the next step

You Will Receive


21 Day Online Guided Self-Study Journey 


12 Channeling and Mentoring Videos 


3 Light Language Transmissions to help you transmute trauma based fear


1 Light Language Transmission to Activate your Lioness Heart and integrate the totality of the journey


Lifetime access to this sacred Online Journey so you can revisit it whenever you like

Sister, do you feel the call to step in, activate your Lioness Heart, and start a new chapter in your spiritual journey?

If your soul is saying yes, then come join the journey…

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