If you are looking into working with me on a 1 on 1 basis, here are the private offerings that are currently available to you. 

Feel into what offering your heart is guiding towrad you. If you’re not sure, I am here to support you sisters, simply book a free, no strings attached, first introductory call to get clear on the path you are being called to walk within our temple.

Free Video Chat

First time client? Book your first 20 min call for free.

This is an introductory chat to activate the initiatory path ahead for deeper alignment with your soul mission and divine essence.

It’s a sacred time for us to connect, to get to know and feel each other, see if we are a good fit to working together and to discuss how would you me to support you on your spiritual path.

Soul Session

$111USD $77USD for a limited time!

This 1h session will be personally tailored to your soul’s specific needs at this time. It is likely to include intuitive guidance, oracle reading, light language clearings and activations, energy healing and clearing, guided meditation, etc.

If you are feeling stuck, blocked, or out of alignment, if you are doing shadow work or trying to break through some old patterns or limiting beliefs this session will be a perfect fit for you.

Story Shift Activation with Light Language

$144 USD


The story shift activation will help you upgrade your story on an energetic level, release the old story that is limiting you and activate the new story that you want to live.

Includes a 40min rewrite your story 1:1 session around a specific topic of your choice (for example: your story with money, visibility, worthiness, self-love etc) and a Light language story ritual where I will channel, write down and clear your old story and then channel and activate your new story in light language.

Sacred Calling Activation with Light Language

$222 USD

Do you hear your soul calling you? Do you feel that you came here to add a very specific flavor to this world but you don’t know what it is? Do you want to discover your Sacred Calling and activate it in your DNA? Do you want to show up more fully in service to your soul and make a difference in the world? If yes, then come connect to your higher self and gain clarity about what exactly is your sacred calling and how you can answer it in the 3D World using your unique Soul Gifts.

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