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“I recently experienced a soul session with Dorra which was informative and deep in a calm and grounded way. Dorra provided a safe and sacred space to explore my questions and encourage me to hear from my spirit guides and ancestors. She has a calm and gentle energy and I felt relaxed and open to share with her; and the guidance she channelled will inspire and guide me for the future. She channels the love, wisdom and strength of the Goddess and I highly recommend a session if you are curious for your journey ahead.”

Alison Todd

“Dorra is amazing. I love her work. I had 2 sessions with her. The first one was because I wanted a chakra clearing and she said somethings that I knew were right and just felt it.

The second session was amazing. I’ve had so many things open up for me since working with her. I wouldn’t want to go to anybody else. She is truly gifted and I can’t thank her enough for helping me and guiding me. Definitely will be booking another session with her soon.”

Rachael Williams

“I had a beautiful Sacred Calling Activation Session with Dorra yesterday!
I want to tell you all how amazing and insightful it was! Each step of the way, each reading, each card pull, each explanation was spot on! ⭐️
Spot on! Things I knew but were just thoughts floating in my field have context now.
I am so grateful for this session! Without it, I would still be wondering what my Sacred Calling was. Now I know. And I know how to fully step into answering that calling. Thank you Dorra Azizi!! 🙏💜
Lisa Meisels

Frequency Activator

Just got off the phone with this beautiful sister. All I can say is if you want a clear soul paths reading. And you want to get un-stuck. Please give this gorgeous creature a chance. She’s amazing!!! Dorra Azizi… Thank you sooo much!!!
Dani Juarez

Spirtual Stylist and Founder of Where Women Gather

Would love to leave feedback about Dorra Azizi.  I must say she is very intuitive, empathetic and lovely lady and offered accurate guidance on my life’s situation. I’m really amazed with the cards she pulled for me and started following each of them and I could see my life shifting towards a more peaceful state and gives me clarity on dealing everyday challenges..I’m able to live up to my souls call. Thank u so much Dorra ! Sending u love!

Deepika Deepak

Founder of Radiant Om Alchemy

“I had the pleasure of working with Dorra and she really helped me gain insight into a business problem I was having. I was struggling to choose between two choices and Dorra helped me see that there was a way forward where I didn’t have to choose. Her calm insightful energy helped me step back from the problem and see things more clearly. If you are feeling stuck, working with Dorra can help you get unstuck.”

Anne Tipton

Business Strategist

“Had a session with Dorra this last week.. And it was exactly what I needed! She kinda gave me a swift kick in the butt (in a very loving way) and it ignited something in me that I am so greatful for.  I was in a confusing head space before talking to her. After our session I was really able to tune in and see what was really going on within myself and my feelings. I really, really enjoyed our session!”

Victoria Nicole

Astrologer and Priestess

“I just had the most awakening and breakthrough session with the wonderful friend and coach Dorra Azizi!

We have talked about money stories and with this full moon coming this is just what I needed!

I was open to receive the right teaching about it! And I got it!

Thank you goddess!”

Fran Matteini

Inclusive Business Coach & Strategist

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