5 Months one on one Mentoring Journey

Beloved sister, I feel your deep longing to answer the calling of your soul

Aware of the huge potential within you waiting to unfurl

Yet for some reason it feels out of your reach…


Whenever you try to move forward on the idea of offering your spiritually based services, you’re stopped in your tracks before you even start.

Thoughts like:

I can’t do it, I’m not ready yet, I’m not sure how I am supposed to serve, how would my family and friends react to me coming out of the spiritual closet, people will think I’m crazy.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing, I don’t even know what my soul’s mission really is.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Deep breaths…

Slow down…

We are being guided…

I can assure you, from my own experience and from my experiance working with hundreds of women that you DO know!

All the answers are within you and most importantly you know that you are much more than what you are trying to make yourself believe.

You’re not allowing yourself to trust your inner knowing and let it guide you to answer your soul’s mission.

You might even feel that you don’t know what you want.

The magical glue that links everything together in the mosaic of your destiny is awakening to the Divine Feminine as She lives within YOU.

Building a relationship with Her will center you into alignment with your soul’s mission, offer you direction and empower you to take the next steps towards starting your own spiritually based business.

From that place your reality will start to shift.

Fears and doubts will start to dissipate…

You’ll be able to tap into the answers within you.

You will be reclaiming your true sovereignty through walking your sacred Mystical Queen path, activating your divine channels, and trusting your intuition.

You will remember your own divinity and your birthrights of free will choice and creative power.

You will become an embodied Mystical Queen.

The path of the Mystical Queen is through activating your inner Mystic.

The Mystic holds the tools to finding all the answers by opening your inner portals to receiving the codes and energetic upgrades that activate your inner Queen

The Queen then will lead you and catalyze your transformation into an embodied Mystical Queen 

This journey is a 1 on 1 private mentoring deep dive with Dorra to catalyze your spiritual journey, to spark your soul evolution and to reclaim your divinity.

Taking this journey will help you get clear on your soul’s mission and feel empowered to bring that forward through your own spiritually based business

During our weekly sessions you will receive:

  • Energy healings, clearings, and alignments
  • Oracle readings, spiritual coaching and channeled guidance from your higher-self and the Seven Star Sisters to support you with your current initiation and offer you clarity
  • A series of light language activation to activate your different mystical gifts, divine codes and aspects

You’ll be held in a safe, loving, grounding and transformative space as you bloom and reclaim your mystical self.

I will support you and initiate you to step out of the limiting stories and patterns and step into your new reality and your soul’s mission.

You’ll be encouraged to be your own oracle, mystic, healer and wise woman and find the answers that you are looking for within as you become a clear channel for your higher-self and of the Divine.

Who are your Guides on this journey?

Hi! My name is Dorra Azizi

I’m a Cosmic Star Priestess and Oracle. I’m a Light Language Healer, a Channel for The Seven Star Sisters and a Mystical Queen Ascension Guide. I bring forward Divine Light Codes and Ancient wisdom and medicine from beyond the stars to help women step into their Destiny and reclaim their Divine Essence, their Soul Gifts in order to help them align with their highest timeline and their soul missions and co-create the new earth.

The Seven Star Sisters

The Seven Star Sisters are a Sisterhood of 7 ancient Pleiadean Priestess are devoted to the Cosmic Mother and their Earth Mission. They are currently awakening Mystical Queen Seed Holders all across the planet and helping them remember their History, their Devotion, their Soul Gifts and their Soul Missions. They are constantly working on our collective energetic grid to support our healing and the reclaiming of wholeness, sovereignty and divinity.

Who is this journey for?

This journey is for you if you resonate with any of the following descriptions:

💜 You can feel your soul calling you to live your life differently, to follow your heart, to go after your dreams and to trust yourself and to feel fully alive!

💜 You know that you are gifted, that there is a big potential within you yet you haven’t been able to master your gifts and to access your full potential. You desire to step into your next level of activation, healing and awakening.

💜 You can feel that you have blocks holding you back from reclaiming your gifts and stepping into your soul mission and you want to clear the energetic blocks and negative beliefs that are in your way.

💜 You’ve been on your spiritual journey for some time now (from a few months to a few years) and you are ready to take your big next step. You want to feel more connected to your spirituality, to the divine, to yourself, and live your life being divinely guided.

💜 You would like to be of service in the world at this time of collective transition by offering your spirtually based services through your own sacred business. But you aren’t sure what you are supposed to do, or what your soul’s mission really is.

Clients Love

This lady is amazing. I love her work… I’ve had so many things open up for me since working with her. I wouldn’t want to go to anybody else. She is truly gifted. I can’t thank you enough for helping me and guiding me.

Rachael Williams

I had the pleasure of working with Dorra and she really helped me gain insight into a business problem I was having… Her calm insightful energy helped me step back from the problem and see things more clearly. If you are feeling stuck, working with Dorra can help you get unstuck
Anne Tipton

Dorra provides a safe and sacred space. She has a calm and gentle energy. The guidance she channelles will inspire and guide me for the future. She channels the love, wisdom and strength of the Goddess and I highly recommend working with her if you are curious for your journey ahead
Alison Todd

This Journey will allow you to

✨ Activate and fully awaken your inner mystic

💜 Live your live from your inner mystic lensing

✨ Build an intimate relationship with your higher-self

💜 Feel divinely guided in every area of your life and build trust in your inner guidance

✨ Learn to build a practice of using your mystical gifts

💜 Clear and transmute blocks around your intuition, mystical gifts, your power, offering your spiritually based services

✨ Awaken and activate your inner queen who will allow you to live a life of freedom, purpose and devotion

✨ Build trust in your intuition and have more confidence in your mystical magical self

💜 Remember your connection to the Goddess and reclaim your own divinity as you experience Her within you

✨ Learn to work with your Goddess Allies and receive the gifts that they have for you in the different initiations that you are currently going through

💜 Become a channel of Divine Love and Light and allow the Divine within you to become your inner compass

✨ Get clear on your soul’s mission and feel empowered to bring it forward through your own spiritually based business

The Flow

Unit 1

  • Opening the Alchemical Container
  • Intention Setting
  • Energy Clearing

Unit 2

Activating your Inner Mystic:

  • Seven Chakras Activation
  • Crystalline DNA Activation
  • Light Body Activation
  • Divine Channel Activation

Unit 3

Activating and Accessing your Mystical Gifts:

  • Activating your Clairsentience Divine Codes (Empathic Abilities / Clear Feeling)
  • Clearing your Clairsentience Blocks

Unit 4

Activating and Accessing your Mystical Gifts:

  • Activating your Claircognizance Divine Codes (Clear Knowing / Sixth Sense)
  • Clearing your Claircognizance Blocks

Unit 5

Activating and Accessing your Mystical Gifts:

  • Activating your Clairaudience and Clairvoyance Divine Codes (Clear Hearing and Clear Seeing)
  • Clearing your Clairaudience and Clairvoyance Blocks

Unit 6

Activating and Accessing your Mystical Gifts:

  • Activating your Sensing Abilities Divine Codes (Your Physical Body as a Psychic Channel /Physical Clair-Sensing, Clairalience and Clairgustance)
  • Clearing your Physical Clair-Sensing Blocks

Unit 7

Reclaiming your innate connection with your Higher-Self

Unit 8

Connecting with the Cosmic Mother (Divine Mother Goddess / Source / The Universal Intelligence)

Unit 9

  • Activating your Inner Queen 
  • Activating your Divine Codes of Freedom, Sovrenity, Leadership, and Devotion

Unit 10

  • Activating your Sacred Mystical Queen Path Template 
  • Remembering your Soul’s Mission

Unit 11

  • Connecting with your first Goddess Ally
  • Stepping into your First Sacred Initiation

Unit 12

  • Stepping deeper into your First Sacred Initiation to Clear Energetic Blocks, Negative Patterns and Attachments that are coming up on your sacred path

Week 13

Connecting with your second Goddess Ally and Stepping into your Second Sacred Initiation

Week 14

Stepping deeper into your Second Sacred Initiation to Clear Energetic Blocks, Negative Patterns and Attachments that are coming up on your sacred path

Week 15

  • Clarity on how to bring your soul’s mission forward through your own spiritually based business
  • Alignment with your Highest Timeline
  • Closing and Celebration

We will be meeting 3 times per month for a 90 minutes channeled session with the Seven Star Sisters. First we will check in, see how you’re feeling, if there is something that your soul needs us to tend to first at that moment and then dive into the energetic work.

Although we do have a structure for the program we will also follow your own rhythm so things might change a little to fit your soul needs and what you are called to activate within you or heal.

You’ll also have soul assignments every week to continue to deepen with what you learned, what you’re stepping into and to integrate and access the new pieces within you that have been activated and put your mystical gifts to use.

We will also have a weekly check in via text chat to see where you’re at, if you need anything and to help you stay accountable to your own decisions and choices that you made during our previous session.

Between sessions if you have questions or need support you can reach out to me via email at any time.

So my beautiful, magical, sister,

Are you ready to answer the call of the Divine within you?

Are you ready to catalyze your spiritual evolution? 

Are you ready to get clear on your Soul’s Mission and feel empowered to bring that forward through your own Spiritually Based Business?

If you you feel a clear YES, I invite you to book a free 30 minute connection call with me, to feel into if this journey is the right next step for you.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you!


The investment is $2555 USD paid in full or 5 monthly payments of $555 USD – Partial scholarships are available to sisters of color and sisters who are living in developing nations


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