Throat Chakra Clearing

At this time in our collective evolution, we are all being called to open our voices and to express our truths because we have so much to say and to share with the world that would bring healing and harmony and raise the vibration of the planet. We own it to ourselves to make ourselves heard and joyfully communicate and share our light through having a clear and balanced Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra Clearing – Level 1

This is a channeled song in light language that I received for a throat chakra clearing ritual and it can assist you in further healing and clearing your throat chakra.
It is infused with healing, light codes, and blessings from beings of the highest light who worked with us today. I invite you to drop inward and listen to it with your eyes closed and allow your throat chakra to receive it. You may want to focus your attention on your throat chakra as you listen to tune into what is happening in it energetically.
You can listen to it each day this week if you’d like to integrate this clearing and keep anchoring in those beautiful energies and frequencies.

Throat Chakra Clearing – Level 2

Join me in this video to receive the Level 2 Channeled Throat Chakra Clearing in Light Language after a short grounding meditation. May we use our true voice to express our divine truths and shine our light in every corner of the world.

Before you start watching the video please get a glass of water and place it next to you and as soon as you finish watching drink it to help you integrate the energies.

So how was it? How do you feel? I would love to hear about what you felt and experienced as you receive these transmissions of light language and energy clearing so please come join us on Facebook and share with us your thoughts and experience.

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