Light Language Soul Medicine


Are you feeling stuck or blocked in some way and you are working on releasing your energetic blocks so you can align with your soul desires and your sacred calling? If you are, then you’ve landed at the perfect offering for you!

Receive a unique Light Language Transmission channeled from your Higher Self to help you clear a specific block of your choice that is holding you back in your life and on your sacred path. This offering also includes a distance energy clearing ritual that I will perform on you.

This clearing is specific to your energetic blueprint and channeled from your higher self to support your soul journey.



This Light Language Soul Medicine Transmission will be channeled directly from your higher self by Dorra in a spoken or/and song form with the assistance and support of her soul-star guides the Seven Star Sisters.

This personal channeled Light Language Transmission is the perfect match medicine that speaks directly to your soul and holds medicine for your very unique soul journey and soul evolution needs.

The Light Language Soul Medicine can help you clear energy blocks, clear stuck energy, bless your path, activate 5D aspects of your self, strengthen your intuition, help you connect more to your higher self, spirit guides and soul family, help you heal old wounds from childhood or past lives, help you release ancestral blocks and heal your ancestral lines and much more.

What you’ll need to do to receive and integrate your channeled soul medicine:

1- Provide a short description of what you are going through and what you need support with. What is the focus of healing at this time? What do you need the Light Language Soul Medicine to be focused on? Please pick one specific focus for most powerful impact.

2- Once you receive the audio recording from Dorra (within 72h of placing your request) listen to it and follow the instructions


Frequently Asked Questions:

**What’s Light Language and how does it work?

Light Language is the Universal Language of the Soul. It is received through the heart and it’s a powerful technology that has the ability to alter frequencies and states. It can enter your energy field, your chakras and your DNA to activate the dormant codes within you and to also clear and transmute what no longer serves you.

It is a gentle modality and it will work with your system and your readiness. Know that once you receive a light language code (transmission) it will remain in your system and may affect you at a later time once you more fully open yourself to receive it and allow it to shift your frequency and raise your vibration.

The bottom line you are ALWAYS in control nothing can act against your free will choice.

**Who are the Seven Star Sisters?

The 7 Star Sisters are a collective of 7 Divine Priestesses of a high dimensional soul group that Dorra channels in Light Language. They are in service of the Divine Feminine, and they bring messages and frequencies of love and remembrance of your naturally joyful and abundant Essence. They also are in communication with us to help us awaken our divine gifts, qualities, and purpose.



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