Hi! My name is Dorra! I’m a sacred calling and soul alignment coach I help lightworker women discover their sacred calling and soul gifts in order to help them step into their sacred path and shine their light on the world.

My Vision

Creating a world where people accept each, where peace, love and harmony reign. The human collective is free, happy, creating new beautiful realities, unlocking new potentials, working together and expanding, creating a new world where everyone belongs, everyone feels loved, safe and worthy.

My Methods

I’m a Spiritual Coach and a Priestess. In my sacred work with my clients, I use my different Priestess skills as well as a variety of holistic methods, spiritual practices and personal devolopment tools.

My Guiding Principals

1- Providing a safe space for women to open up, explore and release.

2- Offering heart based support for self discovery, transformation, growth and reconnection to the heart.

3- Facilitating deep clarity, insights and remembrance for a stronger feeling of alignment and empowerment

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