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New Moon Readings and Intentions Setting

On each new moon we sit in circle together in our private Facebook group. We learn more about tuning into the lunar cycle and working with the new moon.

During our New Moon ceremonies, we feel into the energies of the new lunar month and receive guidance about how to navigate them. Then we set our intentions for the month. We also let go of the old energies that no longer serve us and we anchor in the energies that we want to have in our lives.

Full Moon Ceremonies and Guided Meditations

During the full moon we gather in circle in our virtual sacred space on Facebook. We attune ourselves to the full moon and the energies of the zodiac signs.

In our Full Moon ceremonies, we tune inward and connect with the moon and the dominant energies of the planets through a guided meditation. Depending on the full moon we also perform different types of full moon rituals to release resistance, forgive ourselves or others and harvest what came to fruition in our lives.

Sisterhood and Support in a Sacred Space

We daily gather in our private Facebook group with hundreds of other like minded sisters. We are there to support each other, motivate each other, learn from each other and inspire each other.

Our Facebook group is a sacred space where you can be witnessed, receive guidance, share from your heart and speak your truth.

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