Heart channeled morning prayer and affirmation are pillar for me on my spiritual path. 

Well, affirmations came first to be honest and then I was guided to start a payer practice as I felt my heart yearning to amplify my feelings of devotion to the Goddess 

Therefore, my prayer practice quickly become such a fundamental part of my day. It is my one on one time with the Goddess. Opening my heart to Her. Surrendering to Her. Allowing myself to be a vessel for Her Divine Love.

She is here for me on the days when I woke up feeling excited and inspired and on the days when I felt like crap and just wanted go back to sleep. Talking to Her, praying to Her and channeling heart affirmations got me through those difficult mornings and helped me shift my vibration, reset my energy and start my day. 

For that reason, I have 3 notebooks filled with channeled affirmations and prayers and I feel called to start sharing some of them with you. May they inspire you, help align you with your soul mission and support you in standing in your light. Above all, may it help you offer your soul medicine to the world in devotion to Divine Love.

This affirmation is great to use in the morning or, for example, as a vibrational anchor throughout your day. 

Just place a hand on your heart take a couple of deep breaths, feeling your beautiful heart center and read this out loud or in your heart.

The affirmation


Today I choose to be love.

I am strong.

I am aware of my power and I wield my power with grace, compassion and love.

Today I choose to be in the flow instead of in resistance to the flow.

I allow myself to be guided by my higher self and my spirit team.

Today I vow to choose love and to release my inner rigidity.

I allow myself to be inspired by what’s around me and to see the beauty all around me.

I invite my higher self to channel through me throughout the day.

I am love.

I am peace.

I am devotion.

I am creativity.

I am abundance.

And so it is! 


Are you a priestess, lightworker or starseed awakening to your calling and walking the sacred path? I would love to support you in restricting your energy and activating your soul codes to align more with your soul mission and activate the infinite potential that lives within you.


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