Guidance from Archangel Michael: You have the power to change!

This morning I sat outside praying to Mother. I’ve been, for a while, working on creating a better balance between the feminine and masculine energies within me.

As I was journaling and praying I remembered how much I always avoided structure and time. There was a feeling of I’m just born that way I can’t really help it.

Archangel Michael’s Message

And then Archangel Michael’s voice came through saying to me: “You have the power to change if you want to. Wherever you feel that something is stronger than you, have a hold on you, that’s you giving your power away!”

The good thing about realizing and acknowledging that is that you can take your power back. You can do so by pulling back your energy, doing the energy work, allowing yourself to move toward the next version of yourself, and then accompanying it with aligned action.

Why energy comes first?

Often when it comes to our day to day lives we tend to forget that everything is energy. Energy comes first and then action.

Energy will allow the action to happen with more flow and ease once you’ve done the work energetically. Do the energetic work with love and gratitude for your old self. Loving all those places that you might have judged as not enough. Honoring and respecting the things that you were rejecting (such a structure for me). You can say a Hopopono prayer if you like.

Then allow that part of yourself to come closer while keeping your heart open and lowering your resistance, assumptions, and expectations.

Play with things, try different and new things, and have a child-like sense of curiosity. “Oh what if I tried to do that today. I wonder..”You might discover that you actually enjoy and appreciate the things that you thought “Oh I would never..”

What does it mean to change in a soul-aligned way?

Changing in a soul-aligned way is not about fixing yourself, is not thinking that you are not enough and you have to be better in order to be worthy. You can totally tell from your intention and your vibration if your desire to change is coming from a soul-aligned place or not when you center and check-in with yourself.

Changing in a soul-aligned way is about being fluid allowing yourself to be different faces of you, exploring and discovering new aspects and sides of yourself, it is having an open mind and being willing to adjust your habits, beliefs, and behaviors in service of your soul and your highest good. It is lovingly accepting and integrating your shadow and allowing the aspects that will best serve you to emerge.

We are always changing and transforming it is the nature of life and it’s ok to desire to call in new or dormant aspects within yourself. Everything, the entire Universe is already within you 

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Are you on a journey of soul-aligned change and transformation? What aspects are you currently developing within yourself?

Tell me below I would love to know and to hold space for the new version of yourself that you are transforming into

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