Transmuting fear with the Goddess Sekhmet
Sekhmet, the ancient egyptian lioness goddess, came to me with a download some time ago. She explained to me how the vibration of fear keeps rising collectively. That it is our initiation now to discern what is real and what’s illusion in our lives and in the world around us and transmute it. Spoiler alert: My favorite way to transmute fear is through light language.
It’s easy to let fear control us and control how we show up in the world. This happens usually because of past trauma that we endured in the past, in our past lives or because of ancestral trauma.
This is very real. And this trauma is constantly generating fear.
Sometimes we feel scared, afraid and we don’t even know why.
We come up with stories and scenarios that don’t serve our highest good. Instead these stories strengthen the fear vibration.
The Story
When I jumped on an airplane at the peak of the COVID pandemic, and came to the US back in March 2020, I thought I got this. I’m a badass woman with my spirit team and my partner on my side.
Getting sick and risking to die from the virus weren’t not on my top 5 biggest fears. Instead what happened is that the energies that we are all still navigating activated some very old trauma in my energy and my body. These energies came from past prosecutions, abuse and murder in past lives. What happened is that they amplified my insectophobia to the roof and generated some new fears that I never had before. My fear had an insane hold over me to the point that I was afraid to step outside and get shot or jumped by something or someone.
The thing is when fear comes up and lingers, it is not coming up randomly. Fear comes up to be transmuted and for deeper healing to take place. It is our responsibility toward ourselves to heal from old trauma and part of our soul missions as lightworkers is to transmute fear back to love.
This is why the Lioness Heart Journey was born. When the Goddess Sekhmet came to me and offered to guide me on this journey, it allowed me to heal my old trauma and to stop allowing fear to control my life.
If you are experiencing an increase of fear in your nervous system. If new fears that you never experienced before are coming up in your life and you just can’t make it stop, then this invitation is for you my sister. An invitation to stand up for yourself, to transmute your old trauma-based fears and to take your power back, to take your life back through activating your Lioness Heart.
Together we heal, together we rise, as sisters, for the one heart!
The program:
The Lioness Heart is a 21 days journey to clear and transmute trauma-based fear and activate the unique blueprint of your lioness heart through light language and it is guided by the Goddess Sekhmet and the Seven Star Sisters.
The journey includes 4 transformative modules, with training videos, guided meditations, and daily light language transmissions and activations and you’ll also receive a 1:1 session with me and weekly chat check-in so you are fully held and supported during the journey.
The doors close today! This is the last opportunity to step into this life-changing healing journey with this level of personal 1:1 support. If you are ready to take on this journey go here to get started: 
Wanna stay in touch?
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