I’ve always thought of myself as brave, strong, a badass! I’ve always known that no matter what situation I might encounter I’m gonna be okay. Some people call it naivety but it is a knowing in my heart that has never really failed me.
For 30y I lived my life only listening to the voice in my heart that said don’t worry you got this and right under that voice was another voice, the Divine’s voice that said don’t worry I’ve got your back.
So I just followed my heart wherever it led me and at times I found myself in situations where I would normally feel super scared and unsafe yet I didn’t. I knew that I’m gonna be fine and I trusted the light in the hearts of whoever else was involved in the situation.
I’ve managed to set my boundaries and to always leave unharmed. I feel that especially at a younger age in my teens and early twenties, what was really going on was that my heart was so open and I trusted my lioness heart to guide me and keep me safe. It was such a powerful knowing that makes zero sense to the logical mind.
I know that not every woman on this planet feels that way. I know that most women are raised to be sacred and to need protection while men are raised to be brave.
We are raised in a patriarchal system that teaches us that we are the weaker gender, that we are not fully capable of ensuring our own safety, that it’s better to be safe than sorry so we never even dare to get out of the cage in our heads, our comfort zone.
Things are changing on the outside, in our societies, we are reclaiming our rights and our power but there is often a subtle doubt inside of us, deeply anchored fear, so we hold back, we avoid taking risks, we play small to stay as invisible as possible, and “safe”.
Even though we changed our beliefs on some level on a deeper level, an energetic level the trauma that women and repression that women experienced for centuries still live on and need to be transmuted for us to really reclaim our power, our fearlessness, and our rightful place in society.
This transmutation work is purely energetic and that’s what my new online journey guides you through and helps you do. Together we will transmute the grip of fear on our energy, our bodies, our emotional body, and our DNA and we will be transmuting it also for our entire ancestral lines.
Imagine how many women, connected to your ancestral line will be impacted by this work? How many women will be liberated. Probably thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Just the thought of that makes my heart overflow with gratitude to the Divine and the Goddess Sekmet who is the guiding goddess of this journey.
If you are feeling drawn to the work I invite you to trust your beautiful heart and to step into this journey, to say yes to your dreams, yes to life, and to burn away all the old fears, the old trauma-based fears that are consciously and subconsciously holding you back.
The doors to the Lioness Heart journey are open until Nov 25th. You’ll have access to 4 transformative modules, with training videos, guided meditations, and light language transmissions and activation and you’ll also receive a 1:1 session with me and weekly chat check-in so you are fully held and supported during the journey.
To learn more about this deep journey and to step in if you feel called, go here https://dorraazizi.com/the-lioness-heart

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