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In meditation with the goddess Isis, in response to my request to help me release what is holding me back, she took me to the transmutation chambers at the center of the Earth.
It looked like a bunch of pods. She asked me to get into one and to start puking out all the bullshit, all the fears, the anxiety, the self-doubt. I saw myself slowly getting covered by this brown gue, coming out of my mouth with each thought. It was pretty gross and I could even feel my physical body reacting to it.
And then the pod swallowed me and I fell into a dark cave and I was swimming in brown gue. Isis explained that I am in the aetherial space that represents a portion of the collective fears based energies and that the brown substance I was puking out was not really coming from my own energy but it was coming from the collective.
Isis then lifted me up from the cave in a pillar of light and I felt all the gue that was around my body being transmuted and all the gue that was in the cave as well being transmuted with it.
She explained to me that this what happens when we transmute our fear we transmute with it a whole lot of collective fear-based energies and that automatically helps raise the collective vibration!
Often times as lightworkers we volunteer on a soul level to help transmute the lower frequencies present in our collective consciousness. This is part of our sacred mission here on Earth.
Most of the fear we experience is not even ours (from this lifetime) most of it is collective fear that we tune into energetically in order to transmute it.
I’ve held a free ceremony on Mystical Queen Temple to Transmute Collective Fear and call in Light Frequency Codes.
If you would like to watch and bring your light and energy to amplify this sacred work go watch it below:

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