Use this ritual to help you build a nourishing and supportive sacred space in a moderately small area of your choosing like your bed your sofa or the place where you meditate. You will find your efforts amplified, your meditations amplified and as an extra added bonus, you’ll have a sacred space filled with the blessings of your choice

For this you will need: 

  • 4 identical small pink flowers 
  • 4 small crystals
  • A glass bowl 
  • A candle 
  • Pink heart-shaped card (around 4cm wide)

Step 1 : Fill the glass bowl with fresh water and let the flowers float.

Step 2 : Place your crystals around the bowl (Behind -> Right -> In front -> Left).

Step 3 : Light a candle near the bowl.

Step 4 : Call upon the fairies and your favorite goddesses, ascended masters or angels to bless the space and help you harmonize and clear the energies to make it your own sacred space. 

Step 5 : Set your intention that you are letting the flowers grow stronger and more powerful. Imagine them growing roots inside the water and taking all the nourishment they need. Imagine the crystals connecting their energy top-bottom and right-left and meeting in the middle to charge the flowers with positive energy.

Step 6 : Keep this formation for a while you may leave it and go back when you feel that the flowers are ready.

Step 7 : Choose 4 blessings you would like to feel and enjoy. In my case, i picked Love, Abundance, Serenity, and Joy. Assign to each of the 4 flowers one of your wanted blessings.

Step 8 : Take the first flower and place it in the top right corner on the area say “for (your 1st blessing)” 

Step 9 : Take the second flower and place it in the bottom right corner on the area say “for (your 2nd blessing)” 

Step 10 : Take the third flower and place it in the bottom left corner on the area say “for (your 3rd blessing)” 

Step 13 : Take the forth flower and place it in the bottom right corner on the area say “for (your 4th blessing)” 

Step 14 : Now imagine the fairies coming in and boosting the growth of each flower. Visualize the flowers multiplying and creating a beautiful ethereal barrier of flowers of light. Then imagine all the beings of light that you called standing in circle around the space and filling it with Divine light infused with the vibration of the 4 blessings that you chose.

Step 15 : Once you feel that they are complete seal the energies of the space by placing the pink heart at the center of your sacred space and say: “Thank you fairies, goddesses and divine beings for cleansing my sacred space, filling it with blessings and bringing your Divine Light”.

Your sacred space is now ready and filled with blessings. Enjoy!

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