We often get distracted by everything that is happening in our lives and we forget the most important thing that we chose to come here to bring. It’s very easy to forget, to mute our inner voice and to disconnect from the Divine aspect of ourselves. When this happens it makes us feel empty, it makes our lives feel meaningless.


Today I am being called to invite each one of us, sisters, to Remember, to remember who you are, to remember the woman you came here to be, the light that you came here to shine. Turn down the noise and connect to your heart. Sit on your meditation pillow and allow your soul’s voice to reach your awareness.


I want you to know sister and to never doubt again, that you matter, that you are important, that you are precious, that you are a light, that your light is needed, that you are needed!

You were never lost, sister! The path that you walked was the path that your soul needed you to walk in order to arrive here, in order to reach your current level of awareness, in order for your intuitive channels to open and for you to be able to truly embody your light!


Remember that sister, when life tries to take over, when the voices of the ego try to make you forget, your light and what you came here to bring to this planet! Remember that you are needed! Remember that yearning within, that calling, your Sacred Calling!


How is it for you? Do you also get swept away by the day to day things in life? Do you find yourself disconnected sometimes from your Sacred Calling? What usually brings you back to your center and to what really matters to you? Please, if you feel called, tell us in the comments.


Much love and blessed be! ??


*Photo by Bella Kotak Photography

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