Do you find yourself often saying life is unfair, why do bad things always happen to me? What have I done to deserve this? Yes?

That was my life for almost 3 decades. I was feeling very unhappy and one of the reasons was that I was pretty hard to please. It wasn’t because I was extremely picky but because I was very good at detecting flaws and focusing on them. So I let little things ruin my mood, my day and make me forget about all the awesome things I have and even the awesome things that happened 30sec ago. Can you relate?

This had a really bad effect on me and on my relationships.

This habit is hard to detect and really hard to change. It takes a real commitment to be positive and grateful for your life experience. If you can relate and think that you also have this habit I suggest that you do what I do.

Take some time often to appreciate all the things that you have your physical and nonphysical abundance. Appreciate the things that you use daily, your bed and how comfy it is, your computer and the knowledge and connection it offers you, the yummy meal that you just ate, the loving relationships in your life (friends, family, partner, and don’t forget your adorable pets).

Whenever you feel unhappy with reality it’s very important to take a few moments to appreciate the good aspects of your life. It will build your positivity skill, you will feel happier and more satisfied with your life.

I invite you to share in the comments the different things that you appreciate in your life, writing them down and announcing them publicly will create a stronger positive impact on your vibration. Ready? Go! ?❤️????

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