One major revelation that I discovered on my life journey and that helped step out of the victim mentality, is realizing that am the one responsible for my own well-being. It is my job to be there for myself when I need care and support.

So instead of feeling sad and disappointed in people if they don’t show up and offer you their support, remember that the only one you can always count on is yourself.

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You can take care of yourself, put your own mind at ease, fulfill your own needs and make yourself happy. Not only you can, but it is your responsibility to yourself to take care of yourself and tend to your well-being. You are the only one you can always count on to show up, to be there and to hold you whenever you need.

Realizing and accepting this is painful at first because we are so used to excepting love and support from others. But when you start practicing this in your life, you will find a true sense of freedom. The freedom of getting your authority and power back!!

Let me know what you think, how do you feel about this idea and are you ready to take responsibility for your own happiness starting NOW?

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