During my life, I went through some very difficult phases when I thought this is it there is no way out I am stuck and I don’t see how I can ever get over this.

The truth

We all have those times where we fall so low and it’s really hard to see anything positive or to get yourself to feel better and get the strength to push forward to get up on your feet again.

At those times it’s very helpful to remember all the other times you’ve fallen, all the hard times you faced through your life journey and the way you felt back then. It was probably very similar to the way you are feeling now. In the past as well you thought that it was a dead end that there is no way out that you’ll never be able to recover from this. But guess what? You did!

After the storm

After the storm was over, you waited a little, you gathered your strengths, you licked your wounds and you got up on your feet. A new opportunity showed up, someone lent you a hand or you got some awesome new inspiration and you came up with a genius idea to turn things around.

Even if the outcome wasn’t glorious at first you got up, you didn’t die it wasn’t the end! You got up and you survived it you felt alive again you were able to smile and laugh again. And this time it is going to be the same way as well it always is because when you fall, when you hit rock bottom there is only one way to go and it’s up and that’s where you are going now.

Something to remember

I suggest that you write this in a place that you will often see especially on those down times so you can read it and allow this thought to rekindle your strength, willpower and allow you to remember that everything is temporary and there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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